New Year's Eve Lowering of the Opossum
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"One man's road kill is
another man's icon"

"...But I actually spend a 
moment considering 
whether to buy the lite 
or regular variety."
Sara Lowen
Mid-Atlantic Country

Breaking Opossum News!!!
Breaking Opossum News!!!

The Opossum can save your life...

Win Canned Opossum!


YES, we have retired & closed our store, but...
THIS NEW YEAR'S EVE 2017-2018!!!

Mark your Calendar...Help us ring in the New Year! 2017-2018
Clay's Corner does not harm the opossum

Read about The Opossum Drop reported on by Bill Geist of CBS Sunday Morning...
"The New Year's Dropping of the Opossum"

2017/18 Festivities starting at 9:30PM!!!!

2017/18 Tentative Schedule:

"There is ALWAYS a Surprise!!!"

9:30 PM: Pre-show warm up, Bluegrass provided by The Wilson Family
10:00 PM: The "Blessing" with the Brasstown Brigade
10:15 PM: Bring in the Guest of Honor - Possum Arrives!
10:30 PM: Bluegrass Music
10:45 PM: Miss Possum Contest
11:45 PM: A Tribute to Our Service Men & Women

Countdown to Midnight
The Grand Finally...Fireworks!

Master of Ceremonies Clay Logan addresses the
crowds at 2007's "Possum Drop"

Hollywood Watch Out, we got a sign, too!

More Photos here

See another Video Trailer Here

Opossum Drop Sponsors

To reserve your video call us at (828) 837-3797

Note: The opossum is not actually "dropped", it is lowered with great care. We treat our little friend with respect, hold him in awe, and do not inflict any injury or traumatize God's creature of the night.

Welcome to Beautiful Downtown Brasstown, North Carolina- "Opossum Capital of the World!"...Population 240, Been the same for 100 years or more. Some lady gets pregnant - some guy leaves town. Used to be the "Moonshine Capital of the South", but not anymore, it has gone to pot.
The most exciting thing that we do in Brasstown, besides going to the John C. Campbell Folk School and dance with the pretty Danish girl, is "Lowering the Opossum on New Year's Eve." If New York can drop a "Ball", Georgia can drop a "Peach", then we can lower the Opossum."
"More exciting than when the hogs ate Granny!"
The Carringer Chronicle, Jan `99
Now folks, this ain't no joke. We take our opossum seriously here at the epicenter of the entertainment scene in Brasstown. Clay's Corner has received critical acclaim in the eyes of the media. We been featured in The Asheville Citizen-Times, Our State Magazine, and Mid-Atlantic Country, just to name a few.
So, we welcome you to our corner, right here in beautiful downtown Brasstown, NC. Hope you will enjoy our site and laugh with us in celebration of Didelphis Marsupialus..our friend, the opossum.

Clay & Judy Logan

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