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"One man's road kill is
another man's icon"


"...But I actually spend a 

moment considering 
whether to buy the lite 
or regular variety."
Sara Lowen
Mid-Atlantic Country

Breaking Opossum News!!!
Breaking Opossum News!!!

The Opossum can save your life...

Win Canned Opossum!

Opossum Trivia

Opossums make up the family Dilelphidae, 
of the Order Marsupialia...
The birthing location of an opossum is on the yellow line, so please be careful!
...Now that ya know that, here are some more interest'n facts:

  • An Opossum has 50 teeth
  • Opossums range from 17-43 inches long
  • Opossums are omnivorous and nocturnal, it's easier to se those headlights at night
  • A female Opossum may have as many as 17 nipples, but 13 is the usual number
  • Babies spend 2 month's in their mama's pouch
  • The Yapock, water Opossum, of South America has webbed hind feet
  • One of the shortest lived mammals for its size, the opossum typically lives 2 to 4 years...Thanks National Opossum Society!

And remember...The Opossum is edible and considered 
a delicacy in the South!

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