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"One man's road kill is
another man's icon"


"...But I actually spend a 

moment considering 
whether to buy the lite 
or regular variety."
Sara Lowen
Mid-Atlantic Country

Breaking Opossum News!!!
Breaking Opossum News!!!

The Opossum can save your life...

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Breaking News!!


10 year old study reveals humans more likely 
to be attacked by shark than by opossum...
Actually, this study was conducted by 10 yr.old Lizzie DeLong of 
Ms. Barnett's Science Class, Martins Creek Elementary School
Problem: What are my chances gitting attacked by a Opossum compared to a Shark?

Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to determine how safe it is to go into the ocean compared to other events.

Hypothesis: I think that you are 11 times more likely to be attacked by a Shark than a Opossum because I have never heard of an Opossum attacking someone, and I have heard of a Shark attacking someone.

Procedure: Ms. Barnett gave me a sheet with data on Shark attacks and Opossum attacks. I looked at the data and I graphed this information.

Data Collection: 

Number of Attacks
Opossum vs. Shark:

Conclusion: My Hypothesis was right and wrong. You ARE more likely to get bitten by a Shark only by 12 times instead of 11 times. Our data showed 12 Shark Attacks and only 1 Opossum attack.