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It just does me proud to know someone in the Forest Service has become so famous. And, a possum made it all happen!
Lewis Kearney
Cleveland, TN USA

While visitng my cousin and her husband in Murphy, NC during the holidays, Johnny B., Eddie Pi and myself heard of the "Possum Drop" and had to check it out.  I believe I can speak for my friends and say that I can't remember when I've had a better time or laughed so much on New Year's Eve.  We will make the "Possum Drop" an annual event.  Thanks for a great experience.
Kenneth Andes
Elizabethton, TN USA

Was sure glad to hear that the '05 possum was LIVE. As anyone who has ever kicked a dead cow on a late night coon hunt and seen three possums roll out of it knows, possums are just naturally curious. I am sure the ride in a limo and then the trip up and down for the drop made this possum's day!
Steve White
Killduff, IA USA 

Please be kind to your little opossum friends.  I have a pet opossum named Penny who is a sweet lovable little girl.  Many people don't realize that opossums can be domesticated and make wonderful pets.  So if you "drop" a opossum ...please don't hurt the little animal...opossums have feelings too.
Charleston, SC USA 

Looking forward to buying property in the area.
Ron & Cyndie Langer
Palm Harbor, FL USA 

Nice to see some good words about "the other white meat" -- I happened by Clay's Corner a week or so ago in person while on vacation, and loved the area..lush and beautiful. Now I am 2000 or more miles away but with fond memories.
Hester Vesoja
Bellingham, WA USA 

Nice webpage! I, too an a possum lover. I'll put a link to Clay's Corner from my webpage. Hope to see you a the Possum Drop!
The Cosmic Possum
Blountville, TN USA 

what a great site your little Brasstown NC. keep up the good work. I'm from Pasadena California
pasadena, ca USA 

Hi Clay, it's your ol buddy jose, cool site, you never cease to amaze me, just when I can say that "dumb ass" you go and do another smart thing. Take care mi amigo!
Jose "hoselay" Castro
Bozeman, MT USA 

Hey Clay, I've been to your place many times. Paul Crisp introduced me to Beautiful Downtown Brasstown a few years back. I'm going to try to make this year's drop. See ya soon!
Steve Izell <>
Alpharetta, GA USA 

Enjoyed your site. My sister, Mary Anderson, lives in your neck of the woods and told me about the Annual Possum Drop. Take care and have a great holiday!
Allene Brown
Fort Worth, TX USA 

Can you help me? I am looking for Doyle & Sarah Castleberry. I do believe that they live in Brasstown or Murphy and long lost relatives of mine. Please email me if you can help.
Saint Louis, MO USA 

Thank you for feeding my husband when he was taking wood carving classes across the street from your station. Not only is the area beautiful and friendly, it is great that little things can create such humor. mom lives around the corner but we haven't been to visit over one of your festivities (not yet). Thanks, Gina and Alan Devenney
Gina Devenney
Phoenix, AZ USA 

Hey there Clay, I have just gotten around to visitng your website. I think it is great. I really enjoyed meeting you at the Candlewood Suites Hotel when you were here. I hope to see you again sometime. Maybe, if I get back out to North Carolina, my husband and I will come and visit you. Hope that you have wonderful holidays. Take good care of yourself.
Kim-Elaine Nicholls
Golden, CO USA 

Havnt met ya but I love your sight
Daniel Kanipe
Brownsvill, CA USA 

Hey there Clay... It's been more than a year since you and Pete you were up in northeast Washington doing PR work for the fire fighters. They had a fly-in going on and then you fellers came over to the ranch for a potluck meal and a little music. Last winter I met a young fiddler named Bobby Phillips last, said he was from NC. I said, "You ever hear of Clay's Corner?" He said sure enough, he been there and jammed on Friday nights... Small, small world... One of these times I'm gonna show up for a Friday night jam--you better have some new possum jokes! Take care and drop a line one of these times. ~connie
Connie Fletcher
Republic, WA USA 

GREAT WEB-SITE!! LOVED IT! MY HUSBAND + I WERE MARRIED 44 years ago in Sparta, that anywhere near you?? We would love to stop in + say "Howdy" on our way to Florida this year. Of course, we'll have "Opie" (our pet possum) with us! 'Possum Power Forever!
Donna Valkier
Jenison, MI USA

I had never seen anything like a bluegrass band in my life until I stopped by Clay's Corner one Friday night. The music was great, and I liked the sign. "Ain't no place like this place anywhere this place, so this must be the place." I look forward to seeing the band play some more music.
Andrew Maxim
New Port Richey , Fl. USA

Being a opossom rehabilitator I just had to stop by your place when we were in North Carolina in April '02-it was the neatest place-told all my friends. We even named 2 of my babies(possums) Clay & Judy. Will be back again someday.
Jan Novak
Dousman, WI USA 

Hi Clay and Judy, Love the website, it's cool! Later, Tony
Tony Trout
Brasstown, NC USA 

Hi folks! It sure is a breath of fresh air to know we have places like yours left in our great country. Keep tha faith!!
Tim Worley
Ocala, FL USA 

It's really, really nice to see you on the WEB! =)
Carlos Trueba
Brasstown, NC USA 

Hey (cuz)Clay and Judy, We visited your web site and thought you did an excellent job. Sure wish we were there more often to visit and take part in the events at Clays corner. Save us a spot for next year for lowering of the opossum!! Come see us here in Tennessee! We love ya'll, Aunt Barbara and Cuz Suzanne
Barbara and Suzanne Logan
Sale Creek, TN USA 

Congratulations to Judy, the Angel on Earth who puts up with Clay!! HA! Remember Clay, I knew you when you were just picking seeds in your "stand alone" overalls at the Seed Orchard. I know we will see you on TV soon, your talent has no limits. Best Wishes to both of you. Gina
Gina Rogers
Robbinsville, NC USA 

Dearest Clay and Judy the website is absolutely wonderful. It really makes me miss our little community and the country folk that live there. I'll be sure to stop by next time I am in Brasstown. Take care
Lorie Lewis
Cashiers, NC USA 

I knew it would just be a matter of time - before you and your opossums went big time!!! Please don't ever forget the "little people" that laughed at your jokes even when they weren't funny just to encourage you while you were struggling along. Love and Best Wishes!!!
Dianne Debty
Marble, NC USA 

Well Clay & Judy, you have outdone yourselves again. This is great and now I can logon and find out what is happening around home! ha It's always fun to stop by the store and see what is going on and who is there! Thanks for all that you two do for the betterment of the community.
Gay Ledford
Brasstown, NC USA 

Clay, boy! You didn't tell me you had a web page, but I'm sending all my friends here now. (Both of them.) Your grandbaby is a real cutie, and I loved all the pictures and jokes. I wish you all would come to Las Vegas for the wedding, but I guess that means I'll just have to come out there and see you all. Take good care! Casey
Cascade, ID USA 

Hey Clay n Tootie,We missed you at ashville Clay said he left you at home with Elizabeth Dole I don't know weither or not believe him or . I haven't forgotten what you told me in San Diego to never believe nothing Clay tells me.Clay I sure hope you haven't lost anymore weight because we may never see you again.Love your page, see yall later.
Tanya Turlington
Coats, N.C. USA 

Hey Clay and Judy! We checked out your website and love it. It really represents the warmth, fellowship and fun loving community of Brasstown. Thanks for everything you do for us and the wonderful hospitality each and every time we come to clays. We think we finally got the Fed-x guys to leave you alone about our packages but how about that UPS gang? Hee Hee. We love ya!
Michael and Nicole
Brasstown, NC USA 

Good Morning, Some how I just happened across your website. I believe a friend sent me the possum activities. Many years ago, I traveled for the United States Jaycees and was in your find community attempting to establish a Jaycee Chapter. I fell in love with your area of the country and it is good to see you still have that home spun atmosphere and I hope y'all never lose that down home hospitality. Didn't you use to have a welcome sign that read Population 101 wonderful folk and a stinker or two? I may have you confused with another community, but it reminded me or you. I hope maybe one day, to come back. There have been so many places I traveled, but didn't get to spend any time looking around and yours is one of those places. Take care and God Bless, Patrick Cardwell, Pensacola, FL
Patrick Cardwell
Pensacola, FL 32501 

We heard you at the Grove Park Inn on Tuesday and laughed until we cried. The best part is that I think you embarassed my dad (Jim Hollifleld) more than once. Thanks for the fun!
emily hollifield peeler
forest city, nc USA

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